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5 Liter PSA Oxygen Concentrator (LFY-I-5B)

5 Liter PSA Oxygen Concentrator (LFY-I-5B)
  • Brand Name : Longfei
  • Category : Medical devices/General Surgery Devices
  • Specification: LFY-I-5AW
  • Supply Ability : 50000 pcs/year
  • Payment : T/T, L/C
  • Description :
  • Oxygen flow(L/min): 0~5 Oxygen purity(%): Between 90% and 96% Oxygen delivery pressure(MPa): Between 0.03 and 0.07 Humidifier delivery pressure(MPa): Between 0.015 and 0.025 Noise dB(A): ≤50 Rated power(w): 450(AC220V/230V) Electrical classification: Class second Type B Net weight(Kg): 28.5 Gross weight(Kg): 32 Dimension(mm): 410plus410plus640(length width height) Outer packing dimension(mm): 495 plus 475 plus 730(length width height) Feature: Power failure alarm and, nebulizer, a timer It can be used for two inhaling oxygen at the same time. Trademark: Longfei Model NO.: LFY-I-5AW Productivity: 50000 pcs/year Unit Price/Payment: T/T, L/C Company: Longfei Group Co., Ltd.
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