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Smart PSA Oxygen Concentrator (LFY-I-3G)

Smart PSA Oxygen Concentrator (LFY-I-3G)
  • Brand Name : Longfei
  • Category : Medical devices/General Surgery Devices
  • Specification: LFY-I-3G
  • Supply Ability : 10000pcs/year
  • Payment : T/T, L/C
  • Description :
  • LFY series oxygen concentrator is based on the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology derived technology that utilizes unique molecular sieves to separate air into its constituent parts of nitrogen, oxygen and trace gases. Widely applied to beauty and other leisure place 3L or 5L/minute can be adjusted by switch button With power failure alarm With timer High and low oxygen purity change-over function Oxygen concentration: 93% ± 3% CE marked, mainly exported to Japan, it can be linked to Aroma-pod There are four colors for you to choose, pink, light green, blue and white. Trademark: Longfei Model NO.: LFY-I-3G Productivity: 10000pcs/year Unit Price/Payment: T/T, L/C Company: Longfei Group Co., Ltd.
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