Electric Toothbrush


분류: Medical devices/Anesthesiology and Respiratory Devices
제품 설명: With the principle of the brush head vibrating high-frequently by the virtue of electric machine to drive the eccentric shaft to rotate with high speed, this product can cl ean the tooth effectively. With the imported Nylon material, toothbrushs bristles are with such the characteristics as environmental-friendly, soft, strong restitution force, not easy to distort, and polished, to protect the gum from harming. Handle with waterproof, skid prevention and absorption of shock design, surface covered with white lacquer and polished. Allocated 2pcs brush heads, replaceable. Performance: Vibration Frequency: 30000 strokes/minute Power: 1pcs 5# battery (DC1.5V) Power Rate: 0.7W
회사명: Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co.,Ltd
지방: China/Jiangsu
접촉: Ms. Wendy Yang
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