Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor


분류: Medical devices/Anesthesiology and Respiratory Devices
제품 설명: Technical parameters: Displaying mode: LCD digital displaying, date & time display Measuring method: oscillating measuring method Measuring range: pressure: 0~280mmHg (0~37.3kPa) Pulse: 40~200times/minute Precision: pressure: within±4mmHg(±0.5kPa) pulse: within ±5% of reading value Operation manner: intermittent operation Electric safety classification: BF type Pressurized method: automatic pressurized by pressure pump Depressurization: apply automatic air release mode Air release: fast manual air release mode Pressure sensor: semiconductor pressure sensor Storing capacity: 60 measuring values can be stored Power: four 5# batteries, 6V 600mA DC power
회사명: Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co.,Ltd
지방: China/Jiangsu
접촉: Ms. Wendy Yang
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