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Tens Device

Tens Device
  • Brand Name : Huakang
  • Category : Medical devices/General Surgery Devices
  • Place of Origin : Guangzhou, China
  • Supply Ability : 50000units/Month
  • Description :
  • Name: Health herald
    Size: 15.3*7*1.8cm
    Net weight: 90g
    Packing: Each unit in a colour box, 40boxes in a CNT
    Box size and weight: 25*20*5cm 0.4kg
    CTN size and weight: 53*40.8*49.3cm 18kgs
    Batteries: 3*AAA(4.5V)

    Function and features
    1. Apply digital technology
    2. 8 therapy modes, combine modern science & technology and tradition Chinese therapy.
    3. A dig LCD on which strengh function mode treating time indicating systems in both Chinese and English and a diagram showing the main and collateral channels in uman body.
    4. Use infrared electrode paster that covers a large area.
    5. The fantastic wavy combination enhable you feel the implusive force of massage hammering, cupping glass and Guasha.
    6. The diagram of the main and collateral LCD will indicate instruction for treatment.

    Application of digital therapy massager
    1. It can be applied to various chronic diseases like high blood pressure, hypotension rheumatics, arthritis, periarthritis of the shoulder, lumber muscle strain, stomach pain, stomachache, toothache, neuralgia, abnormal menstruation, impotence and sexual disorders, etc.
    2. It can be used for such disorders as overall fatigue, neurasthenia, sore waist and aching back, pain on neck, shoulders and loins and so on.
    3. It also has the effect of reducing weight women's flaccid belly after giving birth to a child helping, enlarging breasts and removing acnes on the face.
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