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First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
  • Category : Others
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: First aid kit
  • Scope : Emergency
  • Description :
  • Zhejiang Kanglidi Medical Articles CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacture of the first
    aid kits which used in the emergency areas in the daily life.

    The contents can be follow customers' demands or klidi can provide the fixed list
    for the customers. Generally included the below items:

    01Iodine cotton ball ,iodine cotton bar
    02Alcohol cotton ball ,alcohol prep pad
    03Cleansing wipes ,soap wipes ,sterilized wipes
    04Adhesive plaster, wound plaster, adhesive bandage
    05Dressing pads
    06Wound plasters,wound dressing
    07PBT elastic bandage ,gauze bandage,self adhesive bandage
    08Triangular bandage
    09Long adhesive plaster
    10Conforming bandage
    11Adhesive tape
    12Zinc oxide adhesive tape
    15Safety pins
    16First aid booklet
    17First aid instruction
    20First aid bag
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