Car Emergency Kit (ST1-02)


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Описание продукта: ST1-02 Car Emergency Kit Our Car Emergency Kit provides many of the necessities required to ensure you can handle any minor accidents on the road. The flat tire fixer fixes most tires in one minute. And you can handle any minor wound or ailment on the way with the mini first aid kit. The contents are as follows: 1 flat tire fixer 1 reflecting warning vest 1 work gloves 1 instant ice pack 1 hand warmer 1 poncho 1 emergency blanket 1 utility knife 2 candles 1 waterproof and windproof matches 1 duct tape 1 scissors 1 mini first aid kit 1 baggage rope 1 HELP sign 1 PVC bag The contents in mini first aid kit: 2 absorbent pad 1 adhesive long strip 1 conforming bandage 1 adhesive tape 1 scissors 1 soap wipe 1 moist towelette 1 antiseptic cleansing wipe 4 elastic adhesive bandage 5 PU adhesive bandage(rhombus) 5 adhesive bandage(butterfly) 5 EVA adhesive bandage(knuckle) 1 PVC bag Packing details: Car Emergency Kit size: 27cm x 13cm x 15cm Quantity/carton: 18 sets/carton Carton dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 45cm Kit NW.: 1 kg Carton GW. /NW.: 19kg/18kg Trademark: Sunmed Model NO.: ST1-02 Company: Sunmed Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Название компании: Sunmed Healthcare Co.,Ltd
Область: China/Guangdong
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