PP Surgical Gown with Knitted Wrist(D533)


분류: Disposable Medical Supplies
제품 설명: PP Surgical Gown with Knitted Wrist Surgical Gown with knitted wrist Art No: 40083 Material: SMS, polypropylene Colour: Blue Size: L, XL Weight: 55g Model NO.: D533 Company: Shangdong Drimity Tradeing Co., Ltd.
회사명: Shangdong Drimity Tradeing Co.,Ltd
지방: China/Shandong
접촉: Ms. Carrie(Intl. Dept.)
전화 번호: 86-532-82665181
문의 팩스: 86-532-83667189
주소: Haifu Floor, No. 59 Qutangxia Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
우편 번호: 266000