Blood Collection Sets Needle Improvacuter


Классификация: Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
Описание продукта: Blood collection needle Improvacuter blood collection needle is strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with CE system.Through cooperation with top needle body supplier in the world, improve needle now can at the furthest degree lower the patients paint aroused by venipuncture while guaranteeing the venipuncture to be conducted successfully.Interior surfaces of its body and transferring pipe are both experienced special processing, so they are extremely smooth and then can reduce the possibilities of blood aberrance when the latter flows through them maximumly, which guarantees the sample quality in a best level.Taking full consideration of the influences of diseases and the differences of blood viscosity and pressure, we take thousands of tests so as to make the possibility of failing in blood collection reduce to the lowest level.All needles are sterilized by eto, sterile, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic. Improvacuter blood collection needle has two types:Multi-sample needle and soft-link needle.Customers can choose them freely according to their individual state and using habits for a number of tests have shown that both needles will have no obvious effect on the aberrance of blood sample.Moreover, soft-link needle meets the trend of the automation in blood collection in the future. Productivity: 5,000,000 Company: Guangzhou Improve-Medical Instruments Co. Ltd
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