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Jinliang Wooden Products Company

Our company produces wooden products, bamboo products grass products, paper products and plastic products including ice cream stick, toothpick, clffee stirrer, hot dog pick, cocktail pick, ice cream spoon, chopstick, baboo pick, fruit pick(fork), wooden snail, tongue depressor, peg, three pieces(kinef, fork and spoon) bursh, straw, plastic bag, paper dishwear, and so on. Total more than100 ...More>>

Contact Info
Company: Jinliang Wooden Products Company
Area: China/Liaoning
Contact: Mr. Li Liang
Tel: 86-411-86426464
Fax: 86-411-86427876
Web site:
Add: Ganjingzi Huipugongyeyuan B3, Dalian, Liaoning, China