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Cotech Co.

Established since 1980, we are OEM manufacturer / importer / exporter of: 1. Electric power generators / accessories / parts of all sizes: A. Wind: Domestic sizes up to 100-KWs for use in remote areas; Industrial sizes up to 1, 500-KW's very suitable for integrating into big wind farms; B. Solar: Crystalline panels max size 270-Ws, stand alone / grid connect-able inverters, charge ...More>>

Contact Info
Company: Cotech Co.
Area: China
Contact: Mr. Sin Chi-Leung, Bobby(M
Tel: 852-27656026
Fax: 852-23637932
Web site:
Add: 1/F, #51-C Wang Toi Shan Law Uk Tsuen, Pat Heung Shek Kong, N. T., Hongkong, China