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  • woven first aid kits

    Product Details:Place of Origi...
    We offer: First aid kits, first aid bags, health products

    Product Details:Type:Bag Place...
    Easily conforms to facial contoursSee through face piece allow operate to observe casually's mouth during ResuscitationSpecial one way valve...
  • Water resistant bag

    CODE: SLC 025Material: Soft PVC 500DCapacity: 40L Ideal for travelling and boat working,Fishing.Water resistant storage to keep first aid ki...
  • Water proof emergency bag

    Product Details:Type:Bag Appli...
    CODE: HFN049B2 front Pockets, 3 side pockets,8 colored pouches,oxygen bottle fixing belt,tear-water proof.Dimension: 480x320x540 mm
  • bandage box and pill box

    bandage box and  pill box
  • promotion pill box

    pill box
  • Pill Box

    it will be a helpful partner when you are travelling outside or  camping.we also can supply OEM service.
  • Mini first aid kits

    It will be a good partner when u are wounded.If u are interested in it don't hesitate to contact us.
  • auto car safety kits

    Product Details:Type:Booster C...
    it will be a good partner when your car need contains 1 x booster cable          ...
  • Auto Safety Pack

    it will be a good partner when your car need contains 1 xsafety vest,          &...
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