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Operating Table (FN-D. 1A)

Operating Table (FN-D. 1A)
  • Brand Name : FoiNoe
  • Category : Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: FN-D. 1A
  • Description :
  • KL_D@I is a multi-functional operating table, which meets the requirements for not only various surgical operation but also X-ray examination and different positions.
    The exterior surface being made of stainless steel, the table gives a beautiful appearance and is corrosion resistant.It is an ideal choice for surgical operations.
    The table adopts electro-hydraulic control, and has small-sized touch controller for flexible operation.It adopts famous brand engine hydraulic pump and electromagnetism valve which are imported from Japan.Produces low level of noise and is reliable in performance.

    Technical Specifications
    Maximum and minimum height of platform:≤560mm  ≥860mm
    Leg board fold downward:≥90°
    Leg board fold outward:≥90°
    (KL- D@I)(KL- D@IA)
    Back board fold upward:≥75°
    Back board fold downward:≥20°
    Head board fold upward:≥30°
    Head board fold downward:≥90°
    (KL- D@IA) (KL- D@IB)
    Mains voltage:AC 220±10% 50Hz
    Input power:500VA

    Note:KL- D@I leg board separated and dischargeable
    KL- D@IA leg board separated and dischargeable, waist board can be lifted
    KL- D@IB electrical control for leg board Folding up and down, waist board can be lifted
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