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3-Part Diff Hematology Analyzer

3-Part Diff Hematology Analyzer
  • Brand Name : Dotop
  • Category : Laboratory Equipment
  • Place of Origin : Taizhou China
  • Specification: BT-3200
  • Standard : normal
  • Supply Ability : 5 sets/month
  • Payment : T/T,L/C
  • Scope : blood test
  • Description :
  • Principle: Electrical resistance method for counting, SFT method for hemoglobin.
    Parameter:3-part differentiation of WBC, 20 parameters and 3 colors histograms(WBC,RBC,PLR).
    Samlpe volume: Venous mode: 9.6μl Venous\
                  Capillary mode: 9.6μl capillary
                  Prediluted mode: 20μl capillary
    Working mode:double counting pathway+independent HGB detection system.
    Operation mode:Color Windows interface, figure button, mouse input.
    Dimension of gem aperture: WBC: 10μm RBC/PLT:80μm
    Throughput:more than 60 samples per hour, 24 hour running continuous, auto-stand by.
    Storage: UP to 35000 samples results including histograms can be stored 
    QC mode:L-J,X,SD,CV
    Calibration mode:3 manual calibration and auto calibration
    Cross pollution ratio: WBC, RBC, HGB锛�0.5%,PLT锛�1%���
    Specification锛�CV    Linearity range
                 WBC≤2.5%锛�7.0-15.0锛� 0.01-99.9*109/L
                 RBC≤2.0%锛�3.5-6.00锛� 0.01-99.9*1012/L
                 HGB≤1.5%锛�110-118锛� 1-300g/L
                 MCV≤0.4%锛�80.00-110.0锛� 40-150fL
                 PLT≤5.0%锛�200-500锛� 1-999*109/L
    Display:Large Color LCD display with 10.4 inch, resolution:640*480 dot
    Interface: 1 parallel interface, 2USB interfaces, 2PS/2 interfaces, 2RS232 interfaces(with net),1 VGA interface.
    Report:Built rapid thermal recorder, optional external printer, 8 report formats.
    Structure:fan-door structure, flexible and easy to use.
    Ambient Operating:Temperature :0 ���-40��� Humidity:10%-90%
    Power supply:AC100-240V~50/60HZ
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