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Manufacturer of High Quality and Customized Quality as per International Standards Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments in New Delhi, India. Specialist in Titanium Grade 5 Medical Grade, Stainless Steel 316 LVM & S. S 316 LOur Products are: ORTHOPAEDIC IMPLANTSHIP PROSTHESIS: Austin Moore, Thompson, Bipolar, Shoulder. ORTHOPAEDIC NAILSTibia, Femur, Humerus, Proximal Femural P. F. N, Recon, Supracondylar, Tense, Ender, Square-Radius ulna. ORTHOPAEDIC BONE PLATESD. H. S, D. C. S, DCP Small, DCP Na...More>>

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Area: India
Contact: Mr. SUNIL SINGH
Tel: 91-0-9911578081
Mobile: 91-9911578081
Fax: 91
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Add: 271, Paindi Ajab Singh Near Ganga Dham Railway Station
P.C.: 271001