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Gel Documentation & Analysis System (WD-9413A)

Gel Documentation & Analysis System (WD-9413A)
  • Brand Name : PIOWAY
  • Category : Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: WD-9413A
  • Standard : CE, ISO
  • Supply Ability : 4500 Units/Year
  • Description :
  • Features:
    --Dark chamber makes darkroom not necessary;
    --Drawer mode of light box for convenient change;
    --Simiplicity and exquisite exterior;
    --Digital camera application;
    -- The photo of Gel can be used directly by the software without changing the format;
    --Digital camera: 3072pix × 2304pix (about 710 ten thousand pixel);
    -- Real-time preview of the gel picture, automatically focusing of the digital camera can make you get the clear photos for one time;
    -- The data of the analysis can be switched to Excel software for the further analysis;
    -- Durable, expecially suitable for the graduate students of University and Colleges;
    -- Multi-functions: It can take a picture of Gel lighted by ultraviolet radiation or by white light; It also can take a picture of Gel made by big size DNA sequencing electrophoresis cell;
    --Voltage of power source: AC 220V± 22V, 50Hz± 1Hz;
    --UV wavelength: 300nm (transmission), 254 nm (repercussion), 365 nm (repercussion);
    --Filter size (UV light): Transmission window: 200mm x 150mm, Reflex window: 180mm x 40mm; Filter size (white light): 230mm x 190mm;
    --SNR: < 66 dB;
    -- Sensitivity: > 1 pg EB tinct double strand DNA;
    -- Resolving capability: 710 tenthousand pixel (3072pix × 2304pix ); Density of the picture: 24 Bit 16777216 grayscale;
    --Continuous exposure time: 0.0005 ~ 900s;
    --Have the functions of the softwares of 1D, 2D, RFLP at the same time;
    --The digital camera can take the pictures of the gel and adjust the pictures (Real-time preview ) via being connected with the computer, the Analysis Software can edit the images, identify the lanes automatically, calculate molecular weight and the distribution of the sample, etc.;
    --Size (L x W x H): 490× 360× 430 (mm);
    -- Weight: About 21 kg

    WD-9413A is used for analyzing and researching into the gel image after the electrophoresis experiment. You can use the digital camera to take the picture of the gel under the UV light or the white light and then input the picture into the computer. With the help of the relevant special analysis software, you can analyse the images of DNA, RNA, protein gel, thin-layer chromatography etc. Once and for all. And finally you can get the peak value of the band, molecular weight or base pair, area, height, position, volume or the total number of the samples.
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