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Twelve Channels ECG Machine (ECG-1210)

Twelve Channels ECG Machine (ECG-1210)
  • Brand Name : PIOWAY
  • Category : Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: ECG-1210
  • Standard : CE, ISO13485, TUV
  • Supply Ability : 50000 Units/Year
  • Description :
  • Features
    The foldable monitor (0-80 degree) with 5.7 inches LCD, contrast is adjustable
    R-R interval analysis, detailed and brief analysis reports satisfy different requirement
    Economy mode available help to reduce printing cost
    Long lasting Li-ion battery up to 2 hours continues working
    Optional SD card, unlimited data storage
    LAN port for real-time data transmission
    Delightful operating experience with durable silicon button, unique shuttle design

    Advanced hardware platform;
    Advanced Interpretation function;
    PC connectable by LAN;
    Extra long lasting silicon buttons;
    Foldable LCD for waveform display;
    SD card for massive data storage;
    Delightful operation experience;
    Easy self upgrading;
    A4 size paper(Fan Fold);
    Paper Width: 210mm x 140 Folds
    N. W: 6.8 KGS
    G. W: 9 KGS
    Dimension: 360*325*86 mm
    Packing Dimension: 480*440*260 mm
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