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Fetal Doppler (GMT-302)

Fetal Doppler (GMT-302)
  • Category : Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
  • Specification: GMT-302
  • Description :
  • 1. Type: GMT-302. 2. Name: GMT - 302 Fetal Doppler FHR Detector. 3. Function: It can detect the Fetal heart, LCD display FHR, it's used for detecting the fetal heart at hospital, clinic, family. 4. Technology: Ultrasonic frequency: 2.5MHz + - 10% Power: 9.6v rechargeable battery Ultrasonic intensity: & le; 10mW/c? O Work time: ≥ 6 hours. 5. Unit: Size: 20.0cm*16.5cm *6.5cm. 6. Packaging: Gross weight: 13.5kg( 20pse ) Size: 45cm*35.5cm*35.5cm. 7. Disposition: Charger, gallus, manual. Model NO.: GMT-302 Company: Greatmed Technology Co., Ltd.
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