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ECG One Channel (YY-04)

ECG One Channel (YY-04)
  • Category : Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
  • Specification: YY-04
  • Description :
  • 1. Single Color TFT Display (Resolution: 192x64), Thermal Recorder (50mmx30m) 2. Simultaneously 12 Leads Acquisition, Optional Selections for Rhythm Lead 3. Use Special High-definition Digital Wave Filter to Eliminate AC and ECG Interference 4. Accurate Indication for Unstable Probe Touch 5. High Resolution Thermal Printer, Synchronous Record Details of ECG Waveforms, Leads 6. Automatic Measurement of ECG Parameters with English Waveforms Analysis Report, various Printout Format 7. Safety Design, Completely ECG Amplifier Grounding, Enhance the Safety of Patients 8. Built-in Li-ion Battery, Perfectly Battery Management and Protection Capacity, support Uninterrupted Working Up to 2 Hours 9. 100 Exams Patient Data Storage, With Memory Expansion Capacity by USB Flash Disk 10. Network Interface Provide Far-distance Data Transporting Capability Model NO.: YY-04 Company: Yuusyou Industry Development Co., Ltd.
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