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Syringe Pump (YY-31)

Syringe Pump (YY-31)
  • Category : Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
  • Specification: YY-31
  • Description :
  • Maximum size of outer shell 288x130x122mm Syringe increment 0.1ml/h Maximum weight <3.0 kg Fast syringe quantity 1.0ml Power supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz (city electricity) Fast syringe speed 10ml syringe: 100ml/h, 20ml syringe: 200ml/h, 50ml syringe: 500ml/h Displayed information Syringe speed Accumulated syringe Syringe specification quantity Battery capacity Battery charge indicator AC power indicator Bed number Alarm function 1. Completion 2. Syringe near completion 3. Occlusion 4. Low battery 5. Syringe abnormal 6. Control abnormal 7. Machine malfunction Electric safety In according with the stipulation of GB9706.1-199.5, EN60601-1 andUL60601-1 Model NO.: YY-31 Company: Yuusyou Industry Development Co., Ltd.
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