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Electric multi-purpose operating table

Electric multi-purpose operating table
  • Brand Name : yuda
  • Category : Medical devices/Anesthesiology and Respiratory Devices
  • Place of Origin : shandong china
  • Payment : T/T
  • Description :
  • Introduction:

    High rigidity stability design and self-lubricating wear-resisting material provide stable lifting. The unique two-way oil targeting system guarantees static stability of bed different position.
    The steady flow control technology selected with precision control valves, which can achieve stable starting and braking during changing bed position.
    It is equipped with the wire controller and the auxiliary control panel, which improve its emergency operating ability.
    Central controller
    Have dual control panel,one for working, another for reserving, it is convenient for table adjustment during operation
    Wire Controller
    Fluent shape. Integrated operation function matches the humans engineering. Logic self-locking function  can prevent misoperation
    Head Section
    easily operating with pneumatic auxiliary device
    Table panel
    Table panel adopted composite material board with the high transparent used for X ray examination
    Stainless steel edge track with normal size it can be used with other accessories
    Separated leg panel
    The leg panel can be disassembled and easily adjusted. It is used for gynecological, urologic and surgeon operation
    Operation table cushion
    This cushion adopted international material,Fluent shape, reduced the gap in connecting ,by the way of up to down. Patients can get security from internal arc sag of cushion

    Base plate
    With slim base plate design and hidden casters, the base plate not only can ensure big enough contact surface to the ground, but also be extremely good for filming in operation, especially for C-arm
    Electric brake
    Movement depends on ground conditions.After locking, operating Table will be stable and safe during the operation
    Unique design of waterproofing and sealing. High quality stainless steel with the property of antifouling , antirust, and anticollision  can ensure the purification disinfection
    The main technical data


                       Basic data
                    Performance data
    Tilting front/back
    22°/  18°
    Max height
    Lateral tilt
    18°/  18°
    Height adjustable range
    Head section
    raised from  horizontal40°
    lowered from horizontal90°
    Power supply
    220v  50Hz
    Back section
    raised from  horizontal75°
    lowered from horizontal25°
    Leg section
    fold down 90°,side tilt from horizontal90°
    Adjusted way
    electric driver
    Range of vertical movement


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Fax: 86-537-3256425
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