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Cool Wrap (EEIB-32)

Cool Wrap (EEIB-32)
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Specification: EEIB-32
  • Standard : 10cm*320cm
  • Description :
  • Our ice wrap is a cold bandage which uses a revlutionary new technique for treating injuiries, muscle pain and strains. This bandage reduces recovery time from injuries by conbining both the cooling and compressing process in one easy to use step. Ice wrap is composed of a specially formulated solution infused into an elastic bandage which begings to evporate upon contact with skin, therapy cooling the applied area. Ice wrap reduces swelling and promides sufficient cooling to make it a very effective treatment. Direction for use: Oepn package and remove the moist bandage. Wrap around the affected area, applying enough stretch to provide a confortable compression which is not too restrictive. In order to allow the bandage to evaporate it cooling mixture. Do not overlap the bandage too many times. Adhere the loose end in place safetly. Ensure you elevate the affacted body part and reast. The treated area will get colder ove the first 10-15 minutes and remain cold for up to 2 hours. It is recommended to inspect the affected body part every 15 minutes. If any discoloration or redness occurs discontinue treatment at once. More Product Features Model NO.: EEIB-32 Standard: 10cm*320cm Company: China National Medical Equipment & Supplies Imp. & Exp. Co.
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