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Vaginal Speculums (CE,ISO)

Vaginal Speculums (CE,ISO)
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Description :
  • Features: 1) A kind of vaginal speculum with trigger used for vaginal examination 2) Sizes: large, medium, small 3) Vaginal speculums with side screw: often used in European, Southeast Asia and some Africa countries and Latin America 4) Vaginal speculum (hook button type): used in Australia 5) Vaginal speculum with medium screw: used in Southeast Asia 6) Vaginal speculum press up trigger: used in America and Canada 7) It can be adjusted at will, with smooth edges from plastic resin-less, apprehension from patients 8) It's made of medical polymer materials 9) Sterilized by EO gas, sterile, non- toxic, pyrogen free Packing: Polybags or laminated film bags then in a carton or in bulk Company: Jiangsu Dongsheng Industry Co., Ltd.
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