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Shandong Qiaopai Group Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturer and exporter in Chinese medical field, specializing in diposable medical instruments and lab instruments. Our main products are disposable syringe, infusion set (IV SET), blood transfusion set, IV cannula (IV catheter), threeway-stopcock, sterile hypodermic needle, scalp vein set, infusion pump, biochemistry analyzer, Electrolyte ...More>>

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Company: Shandong Qiaopai Group Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shandong
Contact: Mr. Wei Ping(Export Depart
Tel: 86-533-6960828
Mobile: 86-13864477322
Fax: 86-533-6966582
Web site:
Add: No. 13, Qinghe Road, Gaoqing County, Zibo, Shandong, China
P.C.: 256300