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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

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  Product Name: Vacuum Blood Collection Tube
  Product Categories: Disposable Medical Supplies
  Post Date: Jun 13,2018

  Dear Sir/Madam,

  Here we would like to introduce to you“Kimiya Pakhsh Shargh”, (KPS), which is dynamically active in fields of Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Medical and related devices and equipments.

  As it is over 15 precious years of activity, It is vital to inform you that we are the exclusive agents for a number of most prominent manufacturers and companies in this field.

  I got to know your esteemed company by doing many researches in order to find what we are looking for according to the current market in Iran. I am aware that you manufacture Blood collection tubes, holding certificates relatively . As far as I am aware, you do not have an agent/distributor for the product we require in Iran as yet. We are very interested to hopefully begin our collaboration with you based on exclusivity in Iran territory, In order to purchase devices from you on a regular basis.

  It will be appreciated if you provide us with a reasonable price list or catalogue for below product, please.

  Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

  I am sure you know about the competitive market in Iran at the moment. In this regards, there are 2 major bullet points I find vital to share with you. First is the valid CE certificate and second is the price.

  So, Please do consider this request and kindly respond to us.

  Looking forward to hearing from you promptly as it may lead to our mutual corporation. I am happy to provide you with our companies full profile upon request.

  Email: Info@kps-co.com

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