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washing machine drain pump (PX9-10)

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    washing machnie drain pump

    Model No.PX9-10
    Electrical PropertiesPhase:single phase
    Rated voltage110~240 V
    Rated frequency50/60 Hz
    Power35 W
    Starting voltage85% of rated voltage
    Voltage-proof insulationresistance between live part and iron core ≥ 100MΩ, when AC 1500V was put between winding and iron core for 1 minute
    InsulationClass F
    Temprature riseWinding temperature rise ≤ 115K, under 1.06 times rated voltage and rated head
    Idlecurrency0.2A, power10W
    Under loadcurrency0.2A, power35W
    Physical PropertyNoise55dB
    Roter rotation3000 rpm / 3600 rpm
    Water proofno leakage under 0.03Mpa hydrolic pressure
    Drain volume18 L/min
    Headup to 1.0 M
    Life test≥ 15000 cycles (1 cycle names 7.5 minutes' on & 2.5 minutes' off)

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