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Dental Chair /Dental Unit / Handpiece / Dental Burs

Dental Chair /Dental Unit / Handpiece / Dental Burs
  • Product Detials:There are some pictures about our factory. Our company is specializing in wholesaling and exporting all kinds of dental instruments, dental kits, dental supplies and dental materials. Our main products are as follows: Dental Unit Ski Air Compressor Ski LED Curing Light Ski Automatic Drainage System Ski Lubricators Ski Hand-piece Oil Ski High Speed Diamond Burs Ski high Speed Hand-piece Ski Low Speed Hand-piece Doctor Chair Tube of Hand-piece All kinds of Turbines Disinfection Stove WOODPECKER Scalars Teeth Grinder(made in Korea) Amalgamator Apex Locator Bearing of Hand-piece Dental Operation Instruments Forceps Bone files Root Elevators Cleft Oxalate Instrument Aspirating Syringes Nerve Broach Bone Chisels Laboratory Hammer Apical Elevators Wax Carvers Bone Curettes Gum Knife Burnishes Amalgam Pluggers Curettes Scalers Gingival Separator Amalgam Carvers Cement Spatulas Cement Pluggers Excavators Periodontal Files Explorers Root-Canal Pluggers Periodontal Probe Impression Materials used in teeth and so on.
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Contact Info
Company: Guangzhou My Best Dental Instrument Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Guangdong
Contact: Miss Cally
Tel: 86-20-81513635
Fax: 86-20-81517136
Web site:
Add: 3rd Floor, No. 650cuizhu Street, Huawan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Zip: 510370

Supplier's information
   Guangzhou My Best Dental Instrument Co.,Ltd

     Guangzhou My Best Dental Instrument Co., Ltd. Guangzhou MY BEST Dental Instrument Co., ..... more >>

Contact: Miss Cally 

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