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Syringe Destroyer

Syringe Destroyer
  • Product Detials:Technical Parameter: Working Electric Current: AC220V 50Hz Power Consume: 80VA External Dimension: 12x200x120 mm Weight: 2kg
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Contact Info
Company: 1st Hygienic Material Factory of Cao County
Area: China/Shandong
Contact: Ms. Ren Shaorong
Tel: 86-532-85693155
Fax: 86-532-85693376
Web site:
Add: Chenghe Section, Heshang Road, Cao County Industrial Zone, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Zip: 274400

Supplier's information
   1st Hygienic Material Factory of Cao County

     Established in 1993, we are the first manufacturer of disposable surgical dressings established ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Ren Shaorong 

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