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Infusion Pump (QY-SK600III)

Infusion Pump (QY-SK600III)
  • Product Detials:Functions and Features 1. Four kinds of modes: Rate mode, Time mode, Body Weight mode, Drop Counter mode. 2. High-definition Large-screen color LCD, English language interface, making it more easier to operate. 3. Double CPU makes the process of infusion safer and more reliable. 4. Widely application scope of infusion rate, 1ml/h ~2000ml/h. 5. Drop Counter inspection and automatic control, automatic conversion between ml/hour and drop/minute, one-touch switch display. 6. Display of the drug names. 7. With data lock to prevent accidental modification of infusion parameters. 8. Display battery capacity. 9. Up and Down pressure sensors prevent free flow. 10. All standard brands of infusion pipes are applicable, press buttons for selection to achieve accurate, smooth and safe infusio
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