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Surgical Multi-funcational Microscope (WD-30E)

Surgical Multi-funcational Microscope (WD-30E)
  • Product Detials:Introduce: Perfect optics system and good depth of field made WD-30Series operation microscope to be the best assistent of ophtalmology doctor. Features: 1. New changing diaphragm give you perfect depth of field 2. Eyepieces magnification 12.5× , pupil distance adjustable range 55mm~75mm, diopter adjustment range +6D ~ -6D. 3. Binocular tube 30° ~90° Variable angle binocular tube, add new pupil distance adjustment 4. Zoom type automatic consecutive changer, zoom ratio1: 6, total magnification 4.5× ~27.3× ; Field of view Φ 44~Φ 7.7mm 5. Coaxial assistant's binocular tube manual 3-step changer, total magnification 6.8× , 11.4× , 18.2× ; Field of view Φ 34mm, Φ 20mm, Φ 13mm 6. Coaxial illumination illumination range Φ 50mm, illumination intensity 100000lux 7. Focal length f175mm (200mm, 250mm etc ) 8. Fine focusing range range ± 25mm, speed 33s/whole distance 9. Move horizontal move in X-Y direction automatic, range ± 30mm 10. Maximum length of arm 1200mm 11. New stand swing angle of the carrier arm 0 ~300° , height from objective to floor 800mm≤ H≤ 1250 12. Foot controller waterproof, 8 function steps 13. Weight 164kg Optional: 1/3" CCD Video Camera, Video Adapter.
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