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Low Dose Dental X-Ray Unit

Low Dose Dental X-Ray Unit
  • Product Detials:Characteristics: 1. No protective operation roommis needed, when installing the complete machine. 2. Flexible adjustment the position and angle of hand piece, simple and easy to handle. 3. Develop dental film in daylight, no darkroom needed. 4. Compact in volume, light in weight, convenient for carrying. 5. Time is adjustable, high contrast of picture, imaging in focus. 6. Radiation leakage is in accordance with international standard(IEC601-1-3.1993). Technical Specification: Power(V): AC220 50Hz Tube Voltage: 60KV Tube Current: 0.1MA Frequency: 30KHz Time of Exposure: 1-9S Radiation Leakage: <20μ Gy/h Rated Power: 60W Weight: 2KG Environmental Temperatures: 40º C Relative Humidity: <80% Company: Xi'an Sancai Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Company: Xi'an Sancai Electronic Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shaanxi
Contact: Mr. Liben Lee
Tel: 86-13109589100
Fax: 86-29-62891336
Web site:
Add: 5021 room, XiBu DianZi Mall, No. 1 DianZi Rd, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Zip: 710065

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   Xi'an Sancai Electronic Co.,Ltd

     We, Xi'an SanCai Electronic Co., Ltd., Established in 2002, hold 4 patents and many proprietary ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Liben Lee 

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