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GXZ-50 Lab Incubator (CE Approved)

GXZ-50 Lab Incubator (CE Approved)
  • Product Detials:The Lighted incubator adopts overheat protection and sensor malfunction protection systems to keep the instrument and samples safe. It adopts spectrum-beam light for vegetation growth and protects the vegetation from diseases. It also has anti power-break-off memory, self-compensation function in power-break-off period. Constant temperature control system with fast response and precise control. Ultrasonic damping. Microcomputer automatic control, touch sensor switch, easy to operate. Programmable control. The Lighted incubator daytime and night temperature, humidity and illumination can be separately adjusted. Ventilation-pipe mode ventilation. Soft wind speed and even temperature. Vacuum reflection steel glass, heatproof and nice. Stainless steel core. Optional air-proof tank, working chamber power system and disinfection device and etc. Are available. More Product Features Trademark: PIOWAY Model NO.: GXZ-50 Standard: CE, TUV, ISO Origin: China Min. Order: 1 Transportation: 14 days Company: Pioway Medical Lab Equipment Co., Ltd.
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