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Sperm Collection & Penis Erection Analyzer Machine

Sperm Collection & Penis Erection Analyzer Machine
  • Product Detials:Sperm quality analysis is the basic method to diagnose male re-productivity. Consequently, how to collect sperm efficiently and conveniently is the precondition to analyze sperm and conduct artificial fertilization. Masturbation is a traditional way to collect semen but it is vulnerable to environmental, psychological, physical factors. Therefore, it is difficult to collect semen from many patients. WeiLi Automatic Semen Collection Survey & Penis Erection Analysis System successfully solved this bottleneck problem. At the same time, the data about penis erection obtained during semen collection is very significant to evaluate the quality of erection and relevant studies. Semen Collection System Internal double air tyres structure, producing different grip pressure to both the top and end of the penis; Adjustable electro motion device, simulating back-and-forth motion of penis; Electric-pulse vibrating function, stimulating the entire penis body and being capable of increasing stimulation strength to the glans; Infrared ray irradiation device, increasing temperature so as to improve penis cavernous body blood circulation; Magnetic stimulation helps to improve blood circulation; External ultra-low electrodes device, stimulating relevant acupuncture points to help penis erection. Sound background, increasing the auditory stimulation. One-time semen collection condom, ensuring sanitation and safety Parameters monitoring Perimeter of erection Temperature of glans Semen collection period
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