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Infusion Set (TK-IV-06)

Infusion Set (TK-IV-06)
  • Product Detials:Certification: CE and ISO Structure available: 1) with the vented spike of inset the bottle or the cap of vebted spike 2) catheter(1.5m, 1.2m) 3) drip chamber with its top cap(the both/the single) 4) air inlet filter with the membrane of prevent water 5) regulator of blue(white) wheel or sheep's angle regulator 6) injection: Natrue injection, straight injection, butterfly connector, luer lock conector, Y -conector 7) Sterilization: Ethylene-gas-sterilization Packing: Netural poly bag/paper plastic bag/blister bag In addition, we can supply Disposable Syringes, atuo disable syringe, Insulin Syringes, Infusion Set, IV catheter, safety box, scalp vein set, Hypodermic Needle, etc
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Company: Haiyan Zhongxing Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Zhejiang
Contact: Mr. Aaron Ren
Tel: 86-573-86790111
Fax: 86-573-86790333
Web site:
Add: Room 701 Build A, Hongxiang Futune Plaza, Haiyan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

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   Haiyan Zhongxing Import & Export Co.,Ltd

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Contact: Mr. Aaron Ren 

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