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Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor (MW-300)

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor (MW-300)
  • Product Detials:Human voice announces the result Test Result Analysis 90 times memory with date and time display Automatic air inflation, automatic exhaust Measuring accuracy: Within +/- 4mmHg (0.5kPa)
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Contact Info
Company: Shanghai Huazhe International Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shanghai
Contact: Mr. Jacky Zhu
Tel: 86-21-58522006
Fax: 86-21-58521367
Web site:
Add: Room C, 34/F, Qitaige, No. 1089, Pudong Avenue, Shanghai 200135, P. R China
Zip: 200135

Supplier's information
   Shanghai Huazhe International Co.,Ltd

     Shanghai Huazhe International, as the subsidiary company of Holley International in Shanghai, s ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Jacky Zhu 

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