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Infusion Set

Infusion Set
  • Product Detials:We export a wide range of Medical disposable products to many countries. Our factory and our cooperation factory have obtained ISO9002 Quality Control System Certificate by China Quality Certificate Center for Import & Export Commodities and obtained CE Certificate by TUV Product Service GmbH and FAD Certification. Our products mainly include Syringe Sets, infusion sets, blood transfusions, scalp vein sets, hypodermic needles, and etc... If you'd like to know more medical disposable products, pls kindly send mail to us. Our advantage is to offer many kind of medical consumables of good price and quality. The price of our products can afford being compared with the same products supplied by our counterparts. The quality is assured. 1. Infusion set GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Types available: Iv infusion sets, y-type infusion sets Components: 1). Spike cover 2). Spike with or without air vent 3). Drip chamber 4). Fluid filter 5). PVC tube(150cm or demanded) 6). Regulator(PP or ABS) 7). Flash bulb 8). Luer (male conical fitting) 9). Needle hub(W/O) 10). Needle cover 2. Sterile light-proof infusion set for single use GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Product structure Plastic protector for spike, spike, air-inlet, soft tube, drip chamber, flow regulator, fluid filter, and injection site for adding fluid drug^etc. Product instruction Some drugs are analyzed, go bad, reduce the effection of drugs and even become poinsonous in sunlight condition. And light proof infusion sets can avoid this. The products are made by medical light proof polymer materials. Sterilized by EO gas; Sterile, non-toxic. Technical indication In accordance with GB8368 and ISO8536-4, light proof rate of the products is above 80%in the scope of 400nm_800nm, effectively avoid drug analysis in UV ray condition. Scope for use This kind of infusion sets is in situation that drugs are analyzed in UV, The products are used for intravenous gravity infusion.
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Company: Shanghai Huazhe International Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shanghai
Contact: Mr. Jacky Zhu
Tel: 86-21-58522006
Fax: 86-21-58521367
Web site:
Add: Room C, 34/F, Qitaige, No. 1089, Pudong Avenue, Shanghai 200135, P. R China
Zip: 200135

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   Shanghai Huazhe International Co.,Ltd

     Shanghai Huazhe International, as the subsidiary company of Holley International in Shanghai, s ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Jacky Zhu 

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