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ECG Machine (ECG-903)

ECG Machine (ECG-903)
  • Product Detials:ECG Machine-Digital Single Channel China manufacturer of Single channel Digital ECG machine, 3-channel Digital ECG machine, 12-channel Digital ECG machine, many models for your choose. Product Feature Digital Single Channel ECG Machine 901B Features: N Digital One Channel ECG Machine n Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition n Multiple operation mode (Manual /Auto/Ref. Lead) n LCD to display operation status and wave-form n The wave-form is displaying synchronously on the LCD with 195 X65 dots n AC/DC power, Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery n High resolution thermal printing array system n High resolution digital inhibits baseline n One-touch operation able to enhance efficiency and relieve operation strain. N Concept of floating input circuit meets IEC safety standard. N Visual status due to light indicated touch-keys. N Safety level corresponds to Class I, Type CF. N Self-test upon powering on. N Automatic measurement and interpretation of ECG waveform to relieve doctors from strain. N Multiple print formats include 6-channe and 12-channel. N AC/Rechargeable battery for continuous examination when AC power supply is unavailable. More Product Features Model NO.: ECG-903 Standard: with CE & ISO certificate Origin: China Company: Changsha Epower Electronic & Science Co., Ltd.
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Company: Changsha Epower Electronic & Science Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Hunan
Contact: Ms. Anne(Oversea Sales Dep
Tel: 86-755-29739004
Fax: 86-755-29739004
Web site: /
Add: Changsha, Hunan, China
Zip: 510000

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   Changsha Epower Electronic & Science Co.,Ltd

     Changsha Epower Electronics & Science Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of infusion pump ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Anne(Oversea Sales Dep 

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