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Anesthesia Syringe Pump with CE Mark (XB-1102)

Anesthesia Syringe Pump with CE Mark (XB-1102)
  • Product Detials:XB-1102 Anaesthesia Syringe Pump Product introduction: XB-1102 Anaesthesia Syringe Pump is a kind of intellectualized automatic infusion devices, which is designed for delivery of anesthetic drugs by target-controlled infusion mode according to the pharmacokinetics and the experience in clinical use. It makes use of the integration of the technology of micro-processor control and precise manufacture. It is available for performing an intravenous analgesia infusion. It is Applicable to all the inpatient surgical anesthesia and endoscopic examination, sedation of ICU patients etc. It is characterized by accurate infusing, sufficient function and simple operation. Functions and Features: (1) Operation modes: Plasma target controlled infusion mode, Effect site target controlled infusion mode and Flow rate controlled infusion mode. A) Plasma target controlled Infusion mode enables the users to set the target plasma concentration, Effect site target Controlled Infusion mode enables the users to set the target effect site concentration. The pump delivers drugs to maintain the desired concentration according to the pharmacokinetic model. The Infusion rates are altered automatically. B) Flow Rate Controlled Infusion mode: It enables the users to control the infusion by setting the flow rate. There are seven flow rate units of available such as ml/h, mg/h, ug/h, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/min, ug/kg/h, ug/kg/min. (2) Available drugs: Propofol, Etomidate, Vecuronium, Atracurium, Rocuronium. (3) Automatic compensation for drug when the infusion is paused and maintain the Plasma or Effect site concentration required. Advanced intelligence, recovery time forecast function, which helps the doctors to stop the infusion at the right time. (4) RS-232 communication: It enables the history data to be transmitted from pump to PC. (5) Alarm and Warns: When something abnormal occurs, the pump can give out alarming and warning information such as AC power failure, battery low, near empty of the syringe, empty of the syringe /occlusion, end of infusion, Syringe disengaged etc. (6) Syringe available: All kinds of syringe whose standard capacity is in the standard capacity set 10ml, 20ml, 50(60)ml can be used in the pump by custom syringe's setting. And the infusion accuracy can be guaranteed. SPECIFICATIONS: Range of Flow rate: 10ml syringe: 0.1~300ml/h; 20ml syringe: 0.1~600ml/h; 50(60)ml syringe: 0.1~1200ml/h; Suitable Syringe: All the syringe in the standard capacity set 10ml, 20ml, 50(60)ml can be used in the pump by custom syringe's setting. Accuracy: +/-3% (on condition that the total infusion capacity is more than 5.0ml and the infusion rate is more than 2.0ml/h and the syringe extension set have been purged) Display: A Large Screen(240*180pixel), rotary setting with convenient operation interface. Non-volatile memory: The pump memories all the setup parameters and history data of the last infusion. Operating conditions: > Ambient temperature: +5~+40C Relative humidity (RH): 30 %~75 % Power supply: AC: 100V~245V\50 +/-1Hz Battery: 14.4V battery can use for more than three hours after charged for 10 hours. Atmospheric pressure: 860~1060hPa Dimension (mm): 336(L)*153(W)*132(H) Weight: 2.5kg Safety Classification: Class II and Type CF Model NO.: XB-1102 Origin: China Min. Order: 1 Unit Company: Changsha Epower Electronic & Science Co., Ltd.
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