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Hanging Patient Monitor (GT9003D)

Hanging Patient Monitor (GT9003D)
  • Product Detials:1). It integrated function board, multi-parameter module and power supply module; 2). Standard 12.1 inch TFT screen. Optional 15 inch TFT screen, high resolution (1024*708); 3). Support multi-language such as Chinese, English, French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese, 4). Spanish, and Russian; 5). Selectable waveform, maximal 9 waveform display on same screen; 6). 360 hours of the parameter data record and review; 7). 5000 group of the NIBP data record and review; 8). 120 group of the alarm record and review; 9. )NIBP over range protection function; Both switch off and power sudden cut off protection; 10). Anti high frequency electric surgical units, anti defibrillator and interference, could meet 11). Operation room and ICU requirements; 12). Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, disassemble design, could use more than 2 hours; 13). High speed Ethernet connecting central monitor system; 14). Suit to adult, pediatric and neonatal, adapt to every departments of hospital. 15). Adopt highly integrated module, only one module inside patient moni Standard: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO, TEMP and HR2 Optional: Thermal printer, EtCO, Dual/Single IBP, Dual TEMP. 2 Trademark: Guoteng Model NO.: GT9003D Productivity: 18,000/year Company: Guoteng Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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Company: Guoteng Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd
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Add: 6/F, Three-Dimension Sceince & Technolgy Building, No. 184 Bailian Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Zip: 519015

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   Guoteng Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd

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Contact: Ms. Guoteng(Sales Dept.) 

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