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ECG Machine Three Channel (ECG-8903A (5.1"LCD))

ECG Machine Three Channel (ECG-8903A (5.1"LCD))
  • Product Detials:Product Description Model No.: ECG-8903A(5.1"LCD) *Digital design, LCD screen displays English/Chinese operation menu and ECG waveforms *12 channels ECG signals simultaneous collection, 3channels simultaneous printing *Original imported and built-in printer system, stable paper speed and high clarity *LAN & RS-232 network interface *Manual/automatic operation mode and many automatic functions *Advanced ECG parameters detection and automatic analysis function *Comply with IEC CF type safety standard. Dual power supply: AC or DC *Store 25 cases at least Product Feature Digital three channel ECG with interpretation, 5.1"LCD Product Specification/Models Model No.: ECG-8903A(5.1"LCD) Trademark: AOLI Model NO.: ECG-8903A (5.1"LCD) Productivity: TT Company: Ningbo Aoli Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
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Contact Info
Company: Ningbo Aoli Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Zhejiang
Contact: Ms. Ann Chen
Tel: 86-574-88071228
Fax: 86-574-88098266
Web site:
Add: Tech-Industry Developping Area, Jiangshan, Ningbo, China
Zip: 315191

Supplier's information
   Ningbo Aoli Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

     Built in 1990, Ningbo AoLi Medical Instrument Co., ltd is one of China's key ECG manufactures w ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Ann Chen 

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