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Wireless Infusion Supervision System (SM-2000II)

Wireless Infusion Supervision System (SM-2000II)
  • Product Detials:Functions & features 1) The combination of microelectronic technology and modern nursing as well as an important outcome of micro computer applied to clinical nursing; 2) Supervise the infusion progress of the infusion pump and syringe pump over long hours on a large scale precisely and continuously, completely meeting the various requirements of different occasions of modern clinical treatment and is widely used in hospitals; 3) Economical product of intellectualization, collectivization and hi-tech oriented to customers; 4) It can be used in all clinics or wards, thus promoting the previously single pump intravenous infusion control to mass control. The patients' infusion progress and alarm information (e. G. Rate, OVER, OCCL., Air) can all be displayed on the Infusion Supervision System located at Nurse's Station. This greatly improves the medical care quality, reduces nurse's workload, and ensures the patient's safety; 5) The Infusion Supervision System is applicable to ward, nurse station, observation room etc. It can supervise 4-50 units of pumps with Model No as: S06, S07, Z06, Z07); 6) The infusion supervision system is wireless while the infusion pumps and syringe pumps are movable; 7) The Nurse-beeper is suggested to be used with each Infusion Supervision System to enhance mobile supervision. Power SupplyAC100V ~220V, 50/60Hz + 1HzMax. power consumption80VADisplayed informationThe type of allocated infusion / syringe pumps, working condition, syringe type, rate, accumulated volume, bed No., volume limit, alarm information, preset volume , drugAlarm functionOver, near, occlusion, low battery, infusion abnormal, air in lineMaximum size of the shell300*200*45 mm (length*width*height)Identify ID number of Infusion PumpThe system can receive appionted ID pumpMaximum weight3.2 kgShell materialABS plasticOperating conditionsEnvironment temperature 5ºC ~ 40ºC, air pressure 86 kPa~106kPa, relative humidity ≤ 80%StandardAccord with the stipulation of GB/T191-2000, GB9706.1-1995, GB9969.1, GB/T14710-1993, YY466-2003Progress data refresh<5 secondsClassificationType II equipmentStorage conditionEnvironment temperature -40ºC ~ 50ºC, air pressure 50kPa ~106kPa, relative humidity ≤93 %Applied standardsY ZB/Yue0221-2008 , ISO13485
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