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3-Channel Holter Monitor with LCD Display (BI9000TL)

3-Channel Holter Monitor with LCD Display (BI9000TL)
  • Product Detials:-- BI 3-channel pace detection circuit effectively prevents the possible pace signal's misdetection from various defects (movement, electro-voltage and skin impedance). -- 128x64 LCD monitor plus a 5-key keyboard makes easy setting record parameter of the recorder; Real-time display electrocardiogram and detect the quality of electrode installation. During recording, you can switch to ECG display window at any time to master ECG recording situation. -- Real-time clock displays Year/Month/Day and Week, Hour/Minute/Second. --E-label: Put patient's basic information (ID, name, gender, age, etc. ) into record data package before recording. --Power management and low battery detection: Automatic shut off power after long-time no recording (after 15 minutes from last key response) or after 30 minutes from the end of record, so as to save power and prevent leakage from long-time forgetting to take off batteries. --Removable CF memory storage card. --Provide alternative record formats, compatible with various holter software. --Event button precisely records event time. Trademark: BI Model NO.: BI9000TL Company: Biomedical Instruments Co., Ltd.
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Company: Biomedical Instruments Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Guangdong
Contact: Ms. Viola
Tel: 86-755-83733866
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Add: Room 805, Western Section, Huatai Complex Building, Xiangmei Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Zip: 518034

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   Biomedical Instruments Co.,Ltd

     Founded in 1993, Biomedical Instruments has been developing and manufacturing Holter ECG system ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Viola 

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