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Urine Formed Element Analyzer

Urine Formed Element Analyzer
  • Product Detials:To apply machine vision technology in microscopy To realize the full automation of traditional microscopy To replace manual microscopic examination High power lens trace targets according to the location data of low power lens, and collect images and characteristic parameters which are then recognized, classified and counted. Save images for further check, consultation and reporting. Function of Self-study AVE-76 Series Urinary Sediments Microscopic Examination Analyzer firstly applies the machine vision technology to urine microscopic examination and makes an epoch-making breakthrough in the automation field of clinical sample microscopic examination. Designed totally in accordance with the work flow of classical manual microscopic examination, it scans and screens the samples of a hundred times of that in the manual examination under the low power lens to prevent samples from undetected. The examination can accord with the clinical requirements without urinary centrifugation. The computer fulfills the identification process and finishes classification counting by processing, analysis, description, understanding and fitting of the images. The higher recognition rate can also be achieved without staining. The application of developed autocontrol technology and our self-developed individualized identification software of microscopic image and making the full use of computer's advantages of high speed and accuracy make the full automatic microscopic examination come true. The test report with excellent pictures and texts can be printed out with result of dry chemical analysis. AVE-76 series can improve the efficiency greatly, ensure examination quality, and guarantee the standardization of microscopic examination of urine sediment. With the help of fully automated equipemts, medical laboratory technicians can be released from the heavy job of microscopic examination farthest. Model NO.: AVE-76 Series Company: Ave Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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