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Non-Invasive Monitor for Hydrocephalus (BORN-BE)

Non-Invasive Monitor for Hydrocephalus (BORN-BE)
  • Product Detials:Introduction about Product BORN-BE non-invasive monitor for hydrocephalus is completely new medical equipment which have filled up the blank of none invasive monitoring hydrocephalus in clinical application, it can be used for monitoring dynamic and continuous change of the hydrocephalus and additional diagnosis based on CT, MRI in department of neurology and emergency. BORN-BE equipment is successfully researched and designed according to the theory of "bio-electromagnetic field" "the principle of eyewinker disturbance" and "impedance imaging" technology, and supported by the fund from the national natural science for five times, and reviewed and well-accepted by specialists from the ministry of china national information industry. It is greatly improved for hydrocephalus patient in clinical diagnosis after BORN-BE medical equipment. Equipment of Configuration Brain signal collecting system: BN—DJ single electrode for brain examination, data collector, signal magnifier, device for signal anti-interference. Data process system: Data reading system, data wave -filter system, data processing system, data memory system. Result processing system and data inquiring system. Output system: Color TFT LCD, color laser printer. Application It is suitable for clinical additional diagnosis and monitoring of cephalophyma and hydrocephalus caused by cerebral infarction. Monitoring the change of hydrocephalus from beginning, development till hydrocephalus disappeared. Curative effect after dehydration medicine: For correct evaluation of medicine effect and avoid any side-effect after medicine in time, for instance, mannite for hydrocephalus treatment. After injecting mannite for 30 -150 min, it will be clear that disturbing coefficient will go down in different degree. Comment for brain operation: Getting efficient comment through observation for operation before and after, monitoring, it is possible to find cephalophyma and distinguish cephalophyma from hydrocephalus before taking necessary measure in time. Monitoring high risk patient in whole change: It is very danger for patient when the coefficient is over 11 to hydrocephalus patient. Hernia of brain possibly happen to a patient when the coefficient is over 12. HS Code: 90181930 Trademark: BORN Model NO.: BORN-BE Origin: Chongqing, China Min. Order: 1 set Company: ChongQing Born-Fuke Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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