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Nasal-Oxygen Cannula

Nasal-Oxygen Cannula
  • Product Detials:1. Nasal-Oxygen Cannula consist of a oxygen supply tube and two deverily oxygen tube with nose tip. 2. Medical grade PVC material. 3. The two deverily oxygen tube could be hung on both ears, and regelate the retainer ring to make patients comfortable. 4. The tube is made with strip to prevent flow blocking when it was bend. 5. Single use only. Company: Shanghai Huachen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.
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Company: Shanghai Huachen Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shanghai
Contact: Ms. Wendy(Foreign Trade De
Tel: 86-21-33710963
Fax: 86-21-33710963
Web site:
Add: 2723 West Taihe Road, Shanghai, China
Zip: 201906

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   Shanghai Huachen Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd

     Shanghai Hua Chen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. growing out of Shanghai Medical Instrument Fact ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Wendy(Foreign Trade De 

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