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Smart Infusion Pump (ZNB-XA) with CE

Smart Infusion Pump (ZNB-XA) with CE
  • Product Detials:Specification Presetting infusing volume range 1ml~9999mL, 1mL step Flow rate range 1ml/h ~1100mL/h, 1mL step Bolus\Purge Purge when pump stops, bolus when pump works, average speed: 700mL/h KVO speed 4mL/h Speed mode "drop/min""ml/h" Infusion Accuracy ± 5%(could be calibrated according to using conditions) Alarm Functions Infusion occlusion, air bubble, infusion completion, low battery, drop error, door open, no operation and unusual speed Other functions Accumulated volume, AC/DC automatic switching, mute, nurse call, car power supply, wireless(optional) Matching Features Wireless mode(with monitor software)\drop sensor Infusion occlusion alarm, pressure range 0.1MPa~0.14MPa(adjustable) Buttons 8 buttons(Assigned according to controlled display windows) Display Double digital tube display+ LED alarm light + State light(bright when working) Displayed information Presetting/accumulated volume\flow rate\alarm and working condition Power supply AC: 220V± 22V 50Hz± 1Hz Internal power supply(inside battery): 9.6V± 1.6V External power supply(car power supply): 12V± 2V Power Consumption No more than 20VA Inside battery operation time With fully charged battery, working time is over 3 hours at the flow rate of 30mL/h Safety Classification Class I with power supply inside, BF type common equipment, continuous working Container protection grade: IPX3 Container material PC+ABS, fire resistance grade: V-0(UL94 standard) Weight About 2.5Kg Dimensions 130mm× 145mm× 228mm(excluding prominent part) Working Condition Environment temperature: 10~30 C Relative humidity: 30%~75% Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa ~1060hPa Storage Condition Storage temperature: -20 ~+55 C Relative humidity: No more than93% no condensation Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa~1060hPa Applicable Standard GB9706.1-2007\GB9706.27-2005\IEC60601-1\IEC60601-2-24 Application Common infusion for patients
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