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Portable Oxygen Generator for Home (SB-G8003)

Portable Oxygen Generator for Home (SB-G8003)
  • Product Detials:Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a machine that uses oxygen from the air and concentrates it, therefore causing no pollution to the environment. The Portable Oxygen Concentrator runs on electricity and provides oxygen for you when you are at home or at work. As it is easy to handle and easy to store therefore it is an ideal device for oxygen patients who travel frequently. Atmospheric air consists of approximately 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. By raising the normal oxygen level from 21% to approximately 30%, it is designed to boost body energy and help our bodies rid waste and toxins. Daily intake of highly oxygenated air(30% oxygen level)will bring the following results: Improve blood circulation. Quickly Recuperate body energy and reduce fatigue. Stimulate brain cells and reduce stress. Boost concentration level and work efficiency. Reduce body fat by increasing metabolism. Enhance immune system. Improve sleep quality. Good for: People with chronic oxygen deficiency syndromes People who are easily tired / fatigue Senior citizens, athletes, students, smokers, etc High-stress white collar professionals Atmospheric pollution Poor indoor air circulation Basic Functions: Oxygen-enriching membrane supplies 30% oxygen concentration (Current oxygen level In atmosphere is 21%. More healthy level is 30%) and filters dirt, toxins, and virus. Timer (10, 20, 30 minutes) HEPA filter and Antibacterial filter Headset inhale device Specification Air flow: Approx 2.0L/min. Power consumption: Max. 45W Weight: 5.5KG TechnologyMembrane Separatioin MethodAirflow Rate3LDensity30%PropertiesFor Health Care
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