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Non-Woven Disposable Products

Non-Woven Disposable Products
  • Product Detials:Surgical gowns: 30g, 40g,: 100X145cm 110X145cm 120X145cm 130X145cm 120X145cm w. Cotton cuff 130x145cm w. Cotton cuff 10PCS/Plastic bag; 100PCS/Carton Round medicaps: 21" 24" 16g, 18g, 20g 100PCS/Plastic bag; 2500PCS/Carton Face Mask: 3PLY With Belt 50PCS/Box; 1000PCS/Carton 3PLY With String 50PCS/Box; 1000PCS/Carton 2PLY 50PCS/Box; 1000PCS/Carton 2PLY (paper made) 100PCS/Box; 10000PCS/Carton 1PLY (paper made) 100PCS/Box; 10000PCS/Carton Surgeon Caps 25g/m 2 50PCS/Plastic bag; 2000PCS/Carton Nurse Caps 14g/m2 50PCS/Plastic bag 2000PCS/Carton PE Apron Shoe Cover 30g 2 50PCS/Plastic bag 2500PCS/Carton Boot Cover 40g 50PCS/Plastic bag 1000PCS/Carton CPE Shoe Cover Company: KH Trading & Development Co., Ltd.
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Contact Info
Company: KH Trading & Development Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Beijing
Contact: Ms. Liu
Tel: 86-10-85371774
Fax: 86-10-85371935
Web site:
Add: 2079#, Shuangqiao Donglu, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China
Zip: 100121

Supplier's information
   KH Trading & Development Co.,Ltd

     We are the professional manufacturer of gauze sponges, bandages, plaster, cotton bandages, non- ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Liu 

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