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Disposable Blood Transfusion Set (BTS03)

Disposable Blood Transfusion Set (BTS03)
  • Product Detials:Spike: With air vented, material: ABS Spike protector: Material: PP Air vented(Red)material: PE with 0.25μm pore size of the hydrophobic membrane Drip chamber: Material: PVC; Specification: 98mm Blood tubular filter: Medical grade PA6-6 with ABS frame; Its specification; 17.3*62mm Wire diameter of monofilament: 100± 10μm; Pore size: 200+/-20μm; Flow rate: The filter shall deliver no less than 1000ml of blood at(23+/-2)degree in 30mins with a pressure difference of 10kPa and it shall also deliver no less than 500ml of blood in 2mins under a pressure difference of 30kPa above atmospheric pressure. PVC tubing length: 1.50m; Tube I. D.: 3.0mm, O. D.: 4.1mm; The length of short tube: 200mm Y injection port with Latex, heat sealing type Flow regulator: Material: ABS (roller wheel): PP specification: 48mm Male luer lock connector: Material: ABS with 6% luer lock taper conforming to international standard Hypodermic needle: O. D.: 1.2mm; 18G, pink, it's length: 38mm (As your specific requirements) More Product Features Trademark: BOLCOM Model NO.: BTS03 Standard: ISO1135-4: 2004; ISO9001: 2008; ISO13485: 2003; CE Origin: China Packing: Paper Pouch Pack Company: Wuxi Bolcom Medical Machinery And Plastic Co., Ltd.
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Company: Wuxi Bolcom Medical Machinery and Plastic Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Jiangsu
Contact: Ms. Jessie(Sales Departmen
Tel: 86-510-83559978
Fax: 86-510-83559838
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Add: No. 3 Huagong Road, Runyang Village, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Zip: 214154

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   Wuxi Bolcom Medical Machinery and Plastic Co.,Ltd

     Wuxi Bolcom Medical Machinery and Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu province, ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Jessie(Sales Departmen 

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