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Disposable Coverall

Disposable Coverall
  • Product Detials:There are different styles of gowns with different use made of non-woven polypropylene fibre, or PP+PE coated fibres, such as: nonwoven gown, non woven gown, disposable gown, spun bonded polypropylene gown, PP+PE coated gown, surgical gown, non-woven gown, PE coated non-woven isolation gown, surgeon gown, medical gown, operative gown, surgery gown, nursing undershorts(briefs), kimono, scrub suit, Operation gown, operating gown, protective gown, protective coverall, protective gown with hood and boot, patient shirts, visitor coat, pe visitor coat, visitor gown, lab coat, antistatic coat, Anti-static lab coat, operative incision drape, operation drape, SPP coverall, antistatic coverall, patient gown, patient skirt, patient coat, pad, clean wiper, bath gown, sauna gown, anti-static shirts, suit, jacket, jump-suit, pyjamas, pe smock, g-string(tanga), surgical drape, surgery drape, medical examination drape, dental chair cover, suit cover, urine pad, pet underpad, etc. Company: Hubei Woohoo Trustme Healthcare Co., Ltd.
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Company: Hubei Woohoo Trustme Healthcare Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Hubei
Contact: Miss One Yuan(Export Depar
Tel: 86-27-63333038
Web site:
Add: Room No. 2, Third Floor, Gate 5, Building 26, Block 17, Changqing Park, Hankou, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Zip: 430023

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   Hubei Woohoo Trustme Healthcare Co.,Ltd

     Hubei Woohoo Trustme Healthcare Co., Ltd., as an export supplier of disposable and medical prod ..... more >>

Contact: Miss One Yuan(Export Depar 

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